Fitness Classes

People are always looking for the sure-fire way to get into shape or take their fitness game to the next level. It starts by making the effort to achieving your goal. The 2 fitness classes we teach are Barresleek and CardioDance.

Barresleek is a class that incorporates exercises done at the ballet barre with moves that work the core, stability, and balance. Aerobic movements are performed with props such as light hand & leg weights, resistance bands, and exercise balls to tone and develop long lean muscles. CardioDance is 40 minutes of calorie burning, fast paced, beginner dance movements followed by 20 minutes of barre. Our fitness classes are all levels with no previous dance experience required.

If you are looking for something to get you moving, come by and speak to an instructor about what classes would work best for you. These classes focus on toning muscle and are great for building strength. Your workouts should be fun while still obtaining the healthy benefits. Our goal, here at our dance school, is to keep you healthy while they enjoy one of our many dance classes.

Whatever you are looking for, we have got it. Call us today and sign up for one of our fitness classes at Tarrytown Dance in Austin, TX today!